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Technical & Engineering Services

Green Star APC Tech Private Limited is offering technical & engineering services for Air Pollution control needs.

  Retrofit/Refurbishment of Existing System

Green Star APC Tech Private Limited has successfully undertaken projects for Retrofit of existing Bag Filter system and is renowned player in this business aspect. We can study your existing system for cause of underperformance and accordingly study and suggest a technical solution to upgrade to unit for better performance. We shall execute this project in strict timelines within your shutdown period and on a turn key basis. We have expert team of engineers and skilled staff with established track record of executing such projects.


  Performance Improvement of APC Equipments

Situations where Filter Bags are failing on rapid successions with problem of high DP across Bag Filter system or high outlet emissions, we are an expert to solve your requirement. We shall study you entire process, system, site constraints and accordingly suggest a most suitable and feasible solution to meet the expected performance level of existing Bag Filter system. We shall incorporate the necessary changes in the MOS/dimensions of Fitler Bags, Cages etc and warranty the performance of Bag Filter system to meet your requirement.


  Annual Maintenance Contract

Green Star APC Tech Private Limited can undertake Annual Maintenance Contract of entire APC equipment at your site. We shall depute our Technical Team at your plant for a thorough study / monitoring and control of your APC equipments with On-Line maintenance support team. We can undertake this on your required frequency of monitoring i.e. daily/fortnightly/monthly/half yearly etc.

APC Equipments Covered : Bag Filter System / Dust Collector, ESP, Cyclone, Multicyclone, Spark Arrestor, Mechanical Dust Collector, Wet Scrubber, Ventury Scrubber, Air Pre Heater, Heat Exchanger etc

Regular Monitoring Of APC Equipments Daily, Hourly, 24x7 Basis

Maintenance of APC Equipments Preventive & Breakdown

Monitoring Control Parameters & Data For Timely Decisions

Supervision of Improvement of Existing APC Equipments


  Study for APC Equipments for Green Field Projects

Team GST can assist your project team in designing the entire APC equipment systems for a new Green Field project / expansion project. Our expertise in project management and professional execution will be an asset for your organization.








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