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Green Star APC Tech Private Limited is authorised by the world leader in Dry Filtration Business, M/s Midwesco Filter Resources Inc, USA for representing them in Indian Market for their range of Products, namely Filter Bags, Filter Media & Bag Filter System Accessories. 

We shall supply world class Filter Bags stitched and imported from Midwesco’s USA facility for meeting your stringent pollution control requirement. We shall supply Filter Bags made of various Filter Media as follows :

  High Temperature Filter Media : Polyphenylene Sulfide (Ryton), Aramid (Nomex), Poly-Imide (P-84), Woven Fibre Glass, Huyglas and 100% PTFE

  PTFE Membrane Laminated Filter Media : Polyester, Polypropylene (PP), Homopolymer Acrylic (PAN-H), PPS (Ryton), Aramid (Nomex), Poly-Imide (P-84), Woven Fibre Glass and 100% PTFE

  RABH Fibre Glass Filter Bags (With and Without PTFE Membrane) : Woven Fibre Glass with SGT Finish (Triple Finish), Acid Resistant Finish.

  Analysis Of Failed Filter Bags For Better Filter Bag Life And Improved Filtration Performance.

Supervision of Installation & Commissioning of Filter Bags :

Experienced Team of Service Engineers and Skilled Team Members shall assist you in Supervision of Installation & Commissioning of Filter Bags procured from Midwesco Filter Resources Inc, USA. We shall be glad to assist you in any After Sales Service aspect for products supplied from Midwesco.

Green Star APC Tech Private Limited’ association with Midwesco Filter Resources Inc, USA covers following aspects :

Information Sharing on Critical Applications

Customization of Products to Suite Specific Application Requirement

Access to Facilities for Chemical & Mechanical Analysis of Failed Filter Bags

Source & Supply of Filter Bags, Filter Media & Accessories

After Sales Support on Products Supplied From Midwesco


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